Dr. med. Daniela Centazzo
Specialist for anaesthesiology


Dr. med. Xenia Souvatzis
Specialist for anaesthesiology

The current range of anaesthesiologic methods makes it possible to perform a large number of surgical procedures on an outpatient basis. Fast and short-acting drugs ensure a short recovery time without after effects.

Our experienced team of anaesthetists and specialist anaesthesia care staff will provide with individual and competent care. We will be in touch prior to the surgery to discuss your anaesthesia. During your outpatient stay, you can count on intensive support. After being discharged, you’ll still be able to contact us by phone.

We adhere to current safety standards and we can avail ourselves of a full anaesthesia and emergency equipment, equivalent to hospital standards.

You can face your surgery with a quiet mind, because we care about your safety.

Dr. med.Daniela Centazzo and team